In tight cooperation with Colsman & Kirschner we sell and produce two different types of packing machines.

Packing machine type EUROPACK

EUROPACK is the basic alternative to our fully automated packing machnie FC. It produces suitable packing for rolls as well as bales with extremly minimized foil wastage.

The operation is simple and easy. EUROPACK can be adapted easily to different fabric width, since two different width of foil can be loaded.

The price is very economical and the machine is sturdy and reliable with low maintenance - a result of our experience over decades.

Fully automatic packing machine type FC

Rolled or piled fabric of any type can be packed also without shrinking.

All weldable packing materials - like foils, composite foils plastic-coated paper - can be used.

The packing material rolls off a magazine where tree rolls with different width can be kept. The exchange of a roll is easy and can be done at any time.

With a suited packing of the pieces the packing material is optimal used and the wastage of foil is minimized.

The welding joints are tight and stand the usual stress in storage and despatch easily.

The front ends can be welded or closed with a clip.